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In 1979, the AGES Group was formed in New York by three founders who saw an opportunity to re-sell aviation parts to local airlines and shops. Through the years, AGES Group continued to grow until it was sold to Volvo Aero Corp in 1999 to support Volvo Aero's maintenance facilities and increase market share in the industry.

As Volvo Aero Services, our focus included long-term partnerships and the integration of Volvo's core values within the organization. Today, we employ over 150 people worldwide, each devoted to our mission to keep our customers flying. Infused with the tradition and quality of our past, VAS Aero Services moves ever onward through innovation, adaptability to new market demands, and a clear vision of the future.

A History of Increased Services

Our Timeline


Founded in New York in 1979, under the name Air Ground Equipment Sales (AGES), the Company originally supplied engine parts to the aviation industry.


Before long, as the demand for engine components increased, so did our services, which by 1985 included a division that bought, sold and leased entire engines. Engine management soon followed, and by the end of the decade, our Company offered an extensive range of much-needed aviation services.


To accommodate the additional business, a large facility was acquired in Boca Raton, Florida, and our main operations moved there in 1990. The move spurred a period of strong growth, as our Company developed partnerships, secured new contracts, and began to restructure internally to better serve our customers.


One of the most significant changes occurred in 1999, when our Company was granted exclusive right for the sale and distribution of new and used surplus spares for Boeing. It was the first of many mutually beneficial partnerships with key companies that now include American Airlines, Airbus, jetBlue, British Airways, among others.


In 2001, Volvo Aero changed our name from AGES to Volvo Aero Services, which better reflected our relationship to Volvo Aero. It also indicated our focus on services, as opposed to being merely a trading partner.


In 2010, one more big step in our history, Volvo Aero Services was acquired by a private company from Volvo Aero Corporation in fall 2010, with that our name changed from Volvo Aero Services to VAS Aero Services.


Today, VAS Aero Services is still expanding. Our goal for the future is to keep being our customers' Best Partner by offering a variety of customized solutions that free them to concentrate on their core business.

Our strategy is simple:

Maintain Tradition and Quality while leading through Innovation and Technology.

Our Management Team
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VAS Aero Services is a leading provider of aviation parts and services. We help keep airlines flying around the world.
Whether it’s landing gear for a commercial jet, or a critical component for the latest turbofan engine, we offer more than 1,000,000 different part numbers to our customers globally.

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