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As we move into 2023, it’s a good time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year (of which there were many) and gaze into the future to anticipate what’s in store for VAS Aero Services in the coming year.

2022 was momentous, for several reasons. The early part of the year saw our business stabilize after the turbulence resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. It took nearly two years for the aviation industry to come to terms with the impact that the virus had on worldwide air travel and on the global supply chain. For VAS and its customers, that meant dealing with reduced maintenance requirements due to fewer flight hours, removing aircraft from service, lower demand for parts, increased demand for storage services, and more.

By the second half of 2022, however, VAS’s COVID-19 response planning and “Best Partner” commitment to supporting our worldwide customer base was paying off. We experienced a turnaround in the demand for our industry-leading global aviation aftermarket materials, services and logistics business.

But the most significant development in 2022 was the mid-year acquisition of VAS Aero Services by Satair USA, bringing VAS into the Airbus Group of companies. Since July, we’ve operated as an independent subsidiary of Satair, enjoying access to additional resources, expanded services and broader market reach. The VAS-Satair combination is quickly becoming the industry’s preferred, sustainable choice for aircraft parts, end-of-life services and aircraft transition management.

The strengthening of VAS’s overall business capabilities could not have come at a better time. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) declares that industry-wide profitability in 2023 appears within reach, based in large part on:

  • North America expected to deliver an overall $8.8 billion profit in 2022
  • Passenger numbers reaching 83% of pre-pandemic levels by year-end 2022
  • Cargo volumes setting a record high of 68.4 million tons in 2022

In addition, Airbus has recently announced new orders for and delivery of its popular fuel-and-emissions-efficient A320neo family, as well as the A350 widebody aircraft, along with a net orders total of 647 aircraft for 2022. Add in the recent announcement that United Airlines signed a purchase agreement with The Boeing Company (a VAS aftermarket partner for more than 30 years) for 100 787 Dreamliners and 100 737 MAXs, and things are looking up for the aviation industry.

Which brings me to predict that 2023 will be a year of “Accelerated Growth” for VAS. We’re looking forward to better times ahead for our customers, our suppliers and our business partners based on:

  • Greater demand for MRO services (thanks to an increase in overall flight hours for the industry) and related parts
  • Restoring currently “parked” aircraft to service, requiring nose-to-tail flight worthiness evaluation and associated parts replacement and refurbishment
  • Significant growth in retirement of aircraft currently in service (to make room for newer, more fuel-efficient, lower-operating-cost aircraft) resulting in increased demand for VAS’s aircraft transition management, end-of-life services and teardown expertise

To the entire VAS Team, my thanks for your dedication and hard work during what were extremely difficult times. To all of VAS’s customers, vendors and business partners, my thanks for your continued faith and confidence in our abilities to deliver innovative solutions to assure aircraft around the world keep flying. Together, we can all look forward to a 2023 that promises to be one of Accelerated Growth and the challenges that business expansion will bring.

Tommy Hughes
Chief Executive Officer

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