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It is an exciting time to be a member of Team VAS. We are coming out of the Covid pandemic period a stronger, nimbler, and more responsive aftermarket solutions partner to our customers, well-positioned for growth and expansion. We are now entering the latest stage of our company’s ongoing development as a premier supplier of aviation aftermarket materials, services, and logistics. To ensure our success, VAS has joined Satair, becoming a member of the Airbus Group.

For more than 40 years, VAS and its predecessor companies have played a critical role in the evolution of the aviation industry. We have pioneered end-of-life services, established one of the industry’s largest online marketplaces for Used Serviceable Materials (USM) and revolutionized how airline operators maximize the value of their flying assets throughout the aircraft’s lifecycle. Now as part of Satair, VAS joins an alliance that will become the industry’s preferred, sustainable choice for aircraft parts, end-of-life services, and aircraft transition management.

Looking back on our lengthy relationship with Satair and Airbus, it is not surprising that we have come together to offer the industry lower cost maintenance and product support solutions. We have been a Best Partner to Airbus for more than 10 years, having entered our first materials supply agreement with Airbus in 2012. In 2013, VAS launched an innovative surplus inventory consignment program with Airbus, re-marketing Airbus parts to VAS’s key airlines and MRO customers worldwide.

In 2014, VAS established an aircraft teardown and inventory storage/distribution program with Tarmac Aerosave to manage fleets through the end-of-life recycling process, enabling us to broaden our aircraft transition management services while we bolstered our USM inventory.

Backed by our expertise in managing aircraft teardowns, parts harvesting and refurbishment, in 2016, VAS entered into a USM cooperative agreement with Satair to acquire aircraft and engines for end-of-life solutions and re-cycling spare parts to key accounts via the marketplace portal. The relationship between VAS and Satair has flourished, to the betterment of both organizations. So, it is a natural next step to join forces to give the expanded Satair company broader reach, a deeper service capability and cost efficiencies that will afford us a competitive advantage.

We will continue as VAS Aero Services, under the Satair umbrella, providing our global customer base with the highest quality parts and unparalleled services. We will just be doing it on a larger scale as part of Satair and with the backing of Airbus.

Our first 40 years were fantastically rewarding; I cannot wait to see what the next forty will bring. To all VAS employees, vendors, customers and partners, thanks for bringing us this far. I look forward to our journey going forward.

Tommy Hughes
Chief Executive Officer

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VAS Aero Services is a leading provider of aviation parts and services. We help keep airlines flying around the world.
Whether it’s landing gear for a commercial jet, or a critical component for the latest turbofan engine, we offer more than 1,000,000 different part numbers to our customers globally.

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